K.C. Blackbyrn

Books by K.C. Blackbyrn

These are my attempts to create believable and beautiful worlds. I’ve loved fantasies since I was little (mostly ones containing dragons) and now it’s time to make my own. Please give my creations a chance and I’ll do my best to live up to expectations!

The series I’m working on, called The Evolution of Magic, takes place in a world which has never seen anything as extraordinary as magic. That is, until this power begins creeping steadily from the vast forest known as the Green Sea. The epidemic warps nature into strange and deadly beasts and causes suffering in the ordinary folk of the Blackwood Kingdom. Jacob Enbane, a simple hunter until his village is burned to the ground, must survive long enough to save the land from becoming engulfed in destruction.

Happy reading!

Stirring Power

The Regent of Blackwood Kingdom has decided to purge all traces of magic from the land. When his soldiers burn down Jacob's village, leaving him as the only survivor, Jacob realizes the extermination will be on a nightmarish scale. He's thrust into a battle against Halcians and magically created beasts to prevent more bloodshed. More than magic could ever cause on its own.

Accepting Power

Magic has reached far into the kingdom of Blackwood. Jacob, free of distractions, is now on a renewed mission to save his life and the lives of others who are in danger from the wave of power. In the meantime, the way of life in Blackwood may be in danger from another driving force altogether.